1. What shipping company do you use?
We will choose the most suitable transportation company and flight according to different countries, including FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS, USPS, POSTAL and other transportation methods to ensure delivery.

2. How long does it take to ship after ordering?
If the goods are in stock, we will ship them within 24 hours. If not, we may need 1-3 days to prepare.

3. How long will it take to deliver to me?
Usually, it takes about 7-15 working days. Note 1: Under uncontrollable factors such as inclement weather and coronavirus outbreak, the transportation time may be slowed down. Please understand and wait patiently.(Due to the impact of COVID-19, some countries/regions may be delayed. depending on the flight situation, which is beyond our control, rest assured, we work hard to coordinate to ensure that every package reaches our customers safely) Note 2: The package cannot be delivered due to personal reasons such as the recipient's rejection, incorrect address(Be sure to fill in the street and house number), unreachable contact, and non-cooperation with logistics. You will bear all consequences.

4. How can I track my order?
Once the tracking number is available, we will notify you by email(Usually 2-5 days), and you can track it online by visiting the website of the relevant courier company. If no status is currently displayed, please wait a few more days to load any new information.

5. Why is my shipping information not updated?
When we ship the package to you, since your package is in transit, the shipping company will not provide further updates. So when it's not moving, It's on the way from our warehouse to the transfer stationOnce it reaches the next sorting facility, it will be updated. Once it is shipped from us, it may take a few days (Usually5-10 days) to see any activity. Sometimes it takes some time to update the information, don't worry, you just have to wait patiently.

6. Why did I not receive an email about my order being shipped?
After your order is shipped, we will send you an email. If you did not receive the email, you may have entered the wrong email, or it may have entered your spam folder. We usually need 1-3 working days to process your order, and then we will ship your package. If you do not receive an email about the shipment of the order within 7 days from the date of placing the order, please contact us.

7. What can you do to help us avoid tariffs?
Usually, we will declare a much lower value for your package or split it into multiple packages for transportation.

8. If the package is detained by the customs, who is responsible for customs clearance?
Is a buyer.

9. What should I do if I encounter problems at customs?
Each customer should be responsible for any duties or taxes collected by the customs (Buyers need to pay customs duties, usually 0-50USD/EUR).In rare cases, international customers need to bear the customs duties and fees after the goods are shipped, depending on your national customs policy. If the package is seized or lost for other reasons in transit, please contact us with valid proof, we will provide solutions.

10. What is the return policy?
We accept returns and exchanges. However, you are responsible for shipping costs and risks. For details, please refer to our refund policy section.

11. How to cancel or change my order?
If you want to cancel or change the order, please contact our customer service staff in time. Note that it is not possible to cancel an order that has already been shipped.

12. How to change/modify my order?
Please note that we can only help you modify your order before shipping. It includes changing the size or color of the product, removing the product, and changing your shipping address. To ensure that your package can be delivered correctly, please ensure that your address is complete and correct, including all information including the apartment/suite/room number. Once your package is shipped, we will not be able to change anything. We cannot cancel the order after it has been shipped.

13. What does each order contain?
Each item comes with an extra layer of box with foam wrapper in the box. We use double box packaging to better protect the shoe box.

14. If I place a larger order, can I get a discount?
According to the quantity you will order. Please send us the following information, and we will give you a discount plan for bulk orders.

If you have any other questions, please ask our customer service staff, we will answer as soon as possible, thank you!